Caroline Hill

Caroline has over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, which has helped to create her dream into a reality when she opened The Body Training Studio in October 2012.


She has created a successful and friendly gym in the heart of Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Caroline is well-known in the area for her high intensity classes and her great ability to motivate others.


Caroline is famous for her very challenging classes such as RPM (Spin), Body Pump and Body Balance – all of which she has made her own and built a great following with each of her classes.


Managing Director & Instructor, Les Mill Licensed /Yoga instructor, Qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor, Qualified personal trainer

Ashley Knox

Ash has been with us since July 2013, and he is a qualified gym instructor and a great personal trainer.


Ash also teachers outside the gym junior gymnastics and Judo.


Ash is a valued member of staff and has a wide knowledge of the fitness industry, so feel free to ask Ash any questions.


Qualified gym instructor, Personal Trainer, Circuit teacher

Natalie Ellis

Natalie joined us in summer 2013 and has been a fantastic addition to the BTS team, injecting the place with positive energy and bringing our Facebook page to life with constant updates, keeping all our members in the loop.


Natalie has proven that exercise can be fun with her hugely popular Zumba classes, creating an enjoyable and energetic environment which means people return week after week for a class that’s not only enjoyable, but one hell of a workout – sweat in the eyes is a frequent occurrence!  


Like Zoe, Natalie has lost over six stone in weight which proves that exercise can be fun as well as effective.


Zumba Instructor

Zoe O’Hanlon

Zoe joined our team in November 2014 and has already established herself as a hit with the members because of her positive approach and friendly manner – keep an eye out for her smiling face on reception!


Zoe is a gym instructor and personal trainer, She also teachers Insanity.


Zoe takes the beginners spin and circuits, this level of fitness is something Zoe is passionate about, introducing clients to the fitness industry and helping them achieve their goals.


Zoe knows what she’s talking about, too – she’s lost 6.5 stone over


Qualified Level 2 gym instructor, Qualified Personal Trainer, Qualified Insanity Live Instructor, TRX, Spinning and circuit Trained

Pete Ashman

Qualified personal trainer, Pete joined The Body Training Studio team in November 2015


Pete specializes in functional movement patterns and mat pilates.


This means getting the body moving in tri-planer positions with pieces of equipment and using his mat pilates knowledge, to engage a safe and strong core to prevent injury. This in turn will enable free and easier movements in everyday life.

Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist, Mat Pilates Teacher, Master Kettlebell Instructor and TRX Trainer






Ever wondered who those friendly faces are everytime you walk into the gym? Well here is where you will find those answers!


The Body Training Team has grown massively since we first opened our doors. We now employ 6 staff and are still continuing to grow!


Louise McCann

Louise is an experienced group fitness instructor and with Louise’ leadership you’ll be sure to get the most out of every class. Her enthusiasm and energy will help you meet your fitness goals whether it’s in her popular high energy spin classes or challenging BodyPump sessions. Just don’t expect to leave anything in reserve.


Outside of teaching classes Louise is an keen athlete and fills her time with road and mountain cycling, distance swimming and running. Ask her about her next big challenge…

Group Fitness Instructor (Les Mill Licensed Instructor / Level 2 Gym Instructor/ Level 3 personal trainer)